DreamNA Concept

DreamNA Concept
DreamNA is the first Eastern European neuro-VR franchise aiming to match humans with recurring dreams of others.

Explore the first dream from an Odyssey of transformational dreams collected from people from around the world.

A pioneering neuro-VR Franchise written and directed by Ioana Mischie, produced by STORYSCAPES in collaboration with Arden, Noe-Fi Studios, Studioset, co-financed by AFCN.

Although humans dream 1500 times/year, most dreamworlds are forever lost, as we tend to forget 99% of what we dream. Moreover, according to NeuroOncology, people suffering from certain brain tumors are unable to dream anymore.

This inspired us to create a playground that allows each of us to explore immersive dreams and to customize dreamworlds depending on our relaxation levels measured through EEG input.

An artistic, therapeutical and research venture designed by a transdisciplinary team of artists, neuro-scientists, programmers and dreamers.